Mainstream Source – Legendary Artists

The Mainstream Source Music Store contains thousands of highest-quality tracks, with unique and outstanding performances by Grammy winners, music legends and the finest studio musicians.  Mainstream Source producers, composers, engineers and editors inspire and create excellent, moving, emotional performances in virtually every genre, reflected throughout our Music Store collection.


Mainstream Source Artists Collection


Mainstream Source proudly presents our Artists collection, with performances by Grammy Winners,  Headliners and Top Studio Musicians, including Mainstream Source Producer/Composers Tad Sisler & Andrew Fraga, Jr.;  Stevie Wonder/Rolling Stones trumpeter Steve Madaio; Earth, Wind & Fire saxophonist and Grammy winning songwriter Gary Bias; Maynard Ferguson guitarist Michael Higgins; iconic saxophonist Gerald Albright; Grammy winning vocalist Lalah Hathaway; Frank Sinatra/Sly & The Family Stone saxophonist Pat Rizzo; Pointer Sisters bassist Gilbert Hansen; Jerry Butler vocalist Brenda Eager; Earth, Wind & Fire saxophonist Don Myrick, and many more.


Mainstream Source Christmas/Holiday Music Collection


The Mainstream Source Holiday Music collection is a fresh compilation of original and iconic Christmas music in formats \including jazz, rock, EDM/electronica and traditional styles, containing outstanding vocal and instrumental tracks produced in our Mainstream Source studios and performed by Grammy-winning musicians & top studio artists.


Mainstream Source Classical


Mainstream Source presents our extensive collection of Classical music, featuring unique, current performances of original and favorite classical pieces, many with live orchestration.  Our collection includes extreme and traditional versions of baroque, renaissance, classical and modern classical music from the great composers, recorded & produced in our Mainstream Source studios, and performed by excellent classical musicians.


Mainstream Source Music In Media


Mainstream Source presents our Music & Media collection, an extensive mix of music for media applications including film and television underscore, advertising, source music or just great listening.  Recorded and produced in our Mainstream Source studios, our Music & Media collection includes music for Sports/News, Dance/EDM tracks, Underscore Piano, Western, Classic Rock & Blues and many more genres.


Mainstream Source Americana

Mainstream Source presents our Americana collection, which encapsulates the soul of the unique American experience, featuring popular folk, early American and Patriotic American music.

 Recorded and produced in our Mainstream Source studios, this is an outstanding compilation of favorite music of American National Folklore coupled with a slice of pure Patriotism; popular songs that have inspired us all for generations.

mainstream source pro karaoke

Mainstream Source Pro Karaoke


Mainstream Source Pro Karaoke presents an excellent sound-alike collection of recordings of Popular Cover Songs, Classic Pop and Rock Hits, Jazz Standards, Americana/Patriotic music and Holiday favorites.  Each song we have chosen to produce includes a selection of Teaching Vocal, Guide Melody, Instrumental and/or Traditional Backup Vocals mixes, recorded at top bit-rates in our Mainstream Source studios by industry professionals for usage as background or DJ tracks in karaoke and performance environments.