California Country

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California Country
California Country
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Maynard Lee…“California Country” features “California Style” country music, not really with the twang that is associated with traditional country. A mixture of styles, some comedic country, some profound, and a little rock & pop mixed in.

“California Country” is a project that was years in the making. The group MAYNARD LEE features Tad Sisler on vocals, Michael Higgins on guitar, Bobby Furgo on fiddle, Gilbert Hansen on bass and Steve Neilen on drums. Produced by Tad Sisler, it contains original country music produced at MAINSTREAM SOURCE studios in Southern California by Tad Sisler.

Although the album does contain some traditional country, it also has some tongue-in-cheek tracks and a couple tear jerkers. It is truly more “California Country” than Nashville country, with not a lot of twang in the vocals, and some rock & pop mixed in…although your toe should be tappin’ here and there, for sure. “Hootin’ Time” was a blast to record.

Fan favorites on this CD include “Devil Take This Demon Back To Hell”, “The Ugly Girl I Married” and “Get A Room”. “My Darlin'” still gives the songwriter a tear in his eye whenever he hears it. “We’re Americans” was born out of the 9/11 experience.

We hope you love this collection as much as we did making it!