Jazz Masters_Barcelona Sessions

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Jazz Masters_Barcelona Sessions
Jazz Masters_Barcelona Sessions
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An oustanding live progressive jazz collection, performed by iconic legends including jazz drummer MARTY MORELL, bassist MARSHALL HAWKINS, saxophonist/flutist GLEN MYERSCOUGH, saxophonists PAT RIZZO and ROD KOKOLJ, pianists LARRY FLAHIVE and TAD SISLER.

The BARCELONA SESSIONS were a series of traditional/progressive jazz sessions at our Mainstream Source studios in Southern California, featuring an elite group of jazz masters. Produced, engineered and edited by TAD SISLER and ANDREW FRAGA, JR., these live sessions featured unique performances by legendary Bill Evans drummer MARTY MORELL, Miles Davis/Shirley Horn bassist MARSHALL HAWKINS, platinum Frank Sinatra/Sly & The Family Stone saxophonist PAT RIZZO, Grammy-winning saxophonist/flutist GLEN MYERSCOUGH, celebrated Maynard Ferguson guitarist MICHAEL HIGGINS, legendary pianists LARRY FLAHIVE and TAD SISLER, top horn arranger and trumpeter GARY HARTMAN, and popular jazz saxophonist ROD KOKOLJ. Each of the main artists contributed their own original tunes, and this group of master musicians quickly solidified unique, cohesive, flowing arrangements, which, although different, fit well into the jazz perspective. This is a powerful, one-of-a-kind offering by MAINSTREAM SOURCE.