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This third release for Maynard Of Goth expands on his innovative mix of EDM, Dance and Soul ala Avicii meets David Bowie…

“We Fly So High” was originally conceived as a song that Sam Harris might sing, big and theatrical… it morphed into this soulful version with Spencer Tracton lending his perfect “John Legendy” vocal to it. It’s a happy song.

Dark Dance is reminiscent of early Maynard of Goth EDM dance with a dark, edgy element to it….

Real Love was written by Spencer Tracton and Tad Sisler around 2010. We’re all looking for real love, but his rap in the middle of the tune illustrates how we screw it all up! Fun dance track with a lot of soul.

Midnight Lover is about a girl who can pick anyone she wants, any night of the week… but don’t get attached, because tomorrow she’ll be gone. Paula Stapleton added her sweet vocal to this trippy track.

I Love The Summer Nights… fun EDM summery song

Living On The Brink was originally recorded as a rock song by Maynard Of Goth’s alter ego, Tad Sisler, in the early 2000’s. We’re all living on the brink at some point. Just don’t take it too far. Strong dance track.

Our title track, Beast In Your Jungle, is about the beast in all of us. This track combines percussive elements with dance music.

People Gotta Be Free is our cover song on this project. Originally made famous by The Rascals in the 1960’s, the meaning of this song is timeless. Hope you like our dance version.

Maynard Of Goth’s friend Barry Minnifield, who went on to star in “The Voice”, originally recorded she’s My Sexy Lady. This is a soulful, dance version of the song.

You’re Weird Man was a comment that Maynard Of Goth’s friends always used to make back in New York, so it made it’s way into a dark, Halloweeny Maynard Of Goth, dance track.

Hope you enjoy the music as much as we did making it.

Musicians on this project are:

Michael Higgins_Guitars

Glen Myerscough_Saxes

Stan Watkins_Trumpet on “People Gotta Be Free”

Carl Joiner_Background Vocals

Spencer Tracton_Vocals

Paula Stapleton_Vocals

Tad Sisler_Vocals, Keyboards, Programming